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Interesting article: German driving lic.

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Ågent99 said:
LOL! Wow...what an ordeal. I wonder what would happend if something that involved was implemented here in the US....

Uhh...maybe there wouldn't be as many azz-ho#@ drivers on the road and insurance premiums would go down.
woody underwood said:
That's a very good post. What happens when you lose it is even worse. I have 2 German friends who got DUIs (One deserved, the other a set-up over soccer of course) It took one guy 12 years and over $15,000 in fees/lawyers etc to get his back. The other 8 years and about $8,000. One got to work on a scooter (You see a lot of older people on you know why) and the other had a 100 K commute via train every day. Somebody should post something about dealing with the TUV...I hear it's as bad or worse than the driving license process!
At least the mass transit system in Germany is a decent fall back position. Imagine having no license in Southern Cal....ugg.
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bjacques said:
Unfortunately most cities in this country have laughably inadequate public transportation, especially in SoCal. I think you'd agree that some type of private transportation is an outright neccesity.

But I whole-heartedly agree with you. If the licensing process were more stringent, we'd have fewer puerile nimrods roaming our highways. I'm always amazed by how a simple overpass or slight curve in the road causes everyone to slow to an absolute crawl.

"puerile nimrods " I'm going to have to look that up in my Funk and Wagnalls. :dunno:
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Ågent99 said:
My peeve is with folks who do not understand the concept of merging...I'm not sure why a lot of people do not get how to do it.
I blame law enforcement for bad drivers. The California Highway Patrol could single-handedly close the state's budget gap if they gave traffic fines out for "failure to use turn signals".
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e36M3r said:
OUCH! :cry:

MARCUS545: FWIW, I rarely see auto enthusiasts urging more citations!
Hell yes I advocate more citations! It's the only way people learn to obey the rules of the road.

BEEWANG: just what the heck are you doing on our highways that gets you cited so often?????
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How about this: if you're caught speeding on the freeway (more than 20 mph over the limit) and you're under 18 yrs of age you lose your license for a year. No exceptions. Period. End of story.

If I see one more pair of old Honda Civic coupes racing each other down the San Diego freeways I'm gonna spit! :mad:
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mlahti said:
While we are at the subject of young drivers, what the heck is this new driving positions where these people have their seats positioned almost in a horizontal position. Can they actually see something out of the windows!?
I think they drive that way because it's easier for them to reach into the back seat and pick up their brain before they get out of the car. :rofl:
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1 - 8 of 33 Posts
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