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I was on my usual drive to work early this AM, say 5:50 or so. I'm on a Houston tollway going 74 with cruise control, and traffic was light. In my lane, some distance in front of me, I see the car change lanes. It was dark but then I saw a big black thing in the middle of my lane. It was 4 foot high, and covered most of the lane. It was dark and I really couldn't make out if it was a plastic bumper, or a tarp. In any case I veered sharply to the right to avoid hitting it, and heard a warning ding.

I have the driving assistant package that throws up a red warning on the HUD if you're gaining on the car in front of you. It is not adaptive cruise control For the life of me I can't remember if that big red warning came up.

As far as I can remember, I didn't touch the brakes before veering, there wasn't time. I may have touched them after, but can't say for sure. After I regained my wits, the message on the console said that cruise control had been turned off. I turned it off before fully reading it. I've never seen that message before, but I've never done a maneuver like that either.

Has anyone seen something similar?
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