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interesting read on Mini marketing from Autoweek

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haha, can't believe they're gonna send stencils to spray paint "Mini parking only" to customers. Plus the custom compilation CD that buyers are gonna get with the car is pretty cool too. Oh and they also mention films that are gonna be hosted at, kinda like The Hire maybe??
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They're not kidding about pushing those accessories and options. In fact, here's a portion of an email that i just got today from my MINI dealer. btw, another aspect of their marketing is pushing the "fun" factor. i noticed how these MINI related e-mails are much more casual than the dealer's (SFBMW) other correspondence:

"I just wanted to take a quick second (turns out not to be so quick, so grab a pint or a latte to read this one!,) to shoot out a note that will hopefully provide you with some new information...

....Lots of customization will be available right at the launch. The "Aero Kits" will turn heads with their race inspired styling, and for those of you who need that Rally look, the rally lights will be here very soon. Active folks need not worry, the roof rack is all done, complete with optional bike rack, cargo rack, ski rack, snowboard rack...... From shift knobs to seat covers specifically designed to work with the side airbags, your MINI can be a one of a kind!

We received lots of inquiries on test drives and at this point the procedure is still up in the air. I would humbly ask that you bear with us on some of these details because we do not want to promise demos, then turn around and have 200 people all here wanting to take a ride. We will need to cover the floor and sell some of these things also, so expect the demo drive to be on an "appointment only" basis at first, and most likely only during specific hours during weekdays. If you come in off of the street one day you can definitely sit in the driver seat and I will be more than happy to sit behind you and make car noises for a couple of minutes! >;^)>

...The MINI Motoring gear lifestyle accessories (read: clothes and stuff) is GREAT. They have some great styles, cool stuff, and lots more coming. I know all of you will at least see one item that you can't resist, it is all oh so MINI!..."

He also mentioned in the email that the Cooper S will make up around 30% of the total MINI production (raised from 20%) and should be available at the end of June.
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