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Interesting reading from Sundays LA Times

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The 7 rules! :thumb:

4 good quotes from this month's CAR, the best auto mag in English, IMO.

"Without Idrive, the BMW would need more buttons than
Lord of the Rings in braille"

"Anyone could learn Idrive in time. Used as intended, it's clear and safe"

"More good things. iDrive brings a clean and minimalist look to the interior design, a real alternative to the frantic cabins of its rivals"

"Despite its size and weight, the 7-series feels almost as light footed and nimble as a 330i. The precise, meaty steering relays exactly the right amound of information without ever being garrulous. The well-balanced chassis has high reserves that you can call on any time without being punished in return. But what impresses most is its unerring stability. Like no other car in its class, the BMW is a compelling blend of sportiness and comfort, power and poise, smoothness and strength. The Mercedes [S500] can keep up with the 745i over seven-tenths of the pace but then falls behind. Its brakes feel doughy and indifferent. The steering becomes more artificial and the more lock you wind on. Engine and transmission don't harmonise blindfold like the BMW. And it's more bothered by crosswinds and aquaplaning, lacking the BMW's stoic determination."
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Another funny thing: You guys (7 haters) always say that it current 7 drivers despise the new car, are turned off by all the features, and hate the styling. I love going to the dealer and seeng and hearing current 7 owners, older men, raving about how good it is and how much better it drives. "It really feels like a sports car"

:tsk: :tsk:
JST said:

You didn't quote the comments of the ergonomics experts they consulted, who all basically panned iDrive. There were more than a few negative quotes in the general article, too.
I actually ignored both sidebars, both the pilot raving about it, and the ergonomic experts. I agree with some of the criticisms. I don't like the seat controls as well. They wanted one button for each function. That is truly unreasonable in the new 7. I have used iDrive, it is very good and intuitive, IMO.

Anyway, why would I use quotes that weaken my argument :dunno: Then again, pretty much all the oddities in the 7 will be learned and second nature after the first few weeks of ownership.

I would not call that a PANNING. "The experts come away ambivalent, not just about the details but also the principles."
JST said:
When you design something ostensibly for ergonomic reasons, intending it to be the next Great Leap Forward in car control, and an independent panel of experts comes away ambivalent about not just the execution but also the fundamental concept, I think that's a panning.

Again, I would disagree with your statement. First off, there is nothing implicit in the article stating that these testers were independent. We have no idea of thier background and whether or not they are truly objective. Again, The sheer number of buttons required to meet the "one button for one function" rule that the one expert suggests would be staggering. You are kidding yourself if you claim that there is a universal agreeement that iDrive is crap. You don't think that BMW did research on it to find out if it was feasable? If you can find an expert making one argument, then you can find another making the counter argument.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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