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I saw this xenon site listed on e46f -

There is a list of cars with xenon and then detail pictures of the makeup of the xenon housings and light pattern.

Here is the inside of an e46 (non-bi) xenon
In looking at the pictures of the bi-xenon and the xenon, it seems that the main dif. is this pattern plate, whereas in the bi-xenon, the plate moves down out of the way of the light to allow full field pattern....

Makes me wonder how difficult a retrofit would be on this.

For one, you could just shave a few 1/10s off the plate edge and get a brighter, larger patterned low beam, or the more technically inclined (EE style) mod'r could, detach the plate and connect it to a small solenoid with 1/2" of travel or so and then just a switch and power.

Sorry, just need to make my quota for inventions and I'm a lil behind. :tsk:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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