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To: All BMW Sales Managers
re: eBusiness Dealer Bulletin

Please check Center Net today to find bulletin 01-05-02

eBusiness launches its second issue of eExclusive to Members of Owners' Circle and the first issue to prospects!

These newsletters are designed to inform, engage and assist owners and prospects in their relationship with BMW and BMW retailers. We've attached a copy of both versions of owner and prospect newsletters just for you.

In our first issue of eExclusive for prospects we have highlighted accolades awarded to various BMW models. We are enticing them to build their own award-winning BMW and send a lead to you. We are inviting prospects to participate in The Ultimate Drive for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Bottom line, we want eExclusive to create additional awareness, interest and enthusiasm among Owners' Circle members and prospects that will help keep our brand and sales strong.

Thanks and have a nice day!
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