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Interior Car Care

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What kinds of products should I buy to take care of the interior of my new 325i? I already have some scuff marks on the inside door pannels, etc from normal use. I'm not buying/using anything until I hear from you bimmerheads on bimmerfest ... ;)

I've had the car for over a little more than a week, and she drives like a dream!



2002 325i / Steel Gray / 5Spd / PP / SP / CWP / HK / Xexon
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I have had great luck with the stuff from Griott's Garage. The interior cleaner doesn't seem to dry anything out or leave film and the leather care will make the car smell like new again for a time. You don't need the leather care yet (neither did I, really), but the interior cleaner will take care of those scuff marks without hurting anything.
Griots products are awesome. Try Interior cleaner and Vinyl and Rubber Dressing. I use Leather Cleaner monthly.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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