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Interior details spied, analyzed in detail...

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It's looking like it'll be fairly close to the show car!

First i3 Interior Spy Shot Captured by Bimmerpost
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Ya think?

The article has links to the show car together with this spy shot, and I have to say I can't agree that it looks anything like the concept. I mean, I know that concepts are just that, but everything that got me excited in the first place about this car is going out the window.

Will it have the glass panel doors? Unlikely.
Will it have the 'suicide door' in the rear that opens outward? Doubting it.
Will it have the cool no-button interior - according to the above link: no way!

The only thing that doesn't seem to be changing are the price rumors: 40K Euro.

I'm getting increasingly upset that I didn't get in the line for Tesla S - way more car for the same price, it seems.

Please prove me wrong Bavaria! Make it cool, and make it cheap ($40K in US Dollars ok, $55K no way).
Glass panel doors were never likely, haven't seen anything one way or the other on the half doors--but at their size it's hard to imagine them opening conventionally. I agree it's not going to look nearly as good as the concept outside...

Yet this post was about the INTERIOR. Which, when I make allowances for stuff clearly still in development, and stuff being covered up, still seems pretty damn close to me!

Also, screw no buttons. Idiotic idea. A *driver's car* has controls that can be found and adjusted purely by TOUCH!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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