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Interior replacement pcs needed

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My new purchase needs a few replacement panels. My interior is dark gray or black and has some scuffs from previous owner along with some bubbling of panel skin.

The first thing I noticed was the grab handle for the drivers side (first picture). Then the left side of the steering wheel panel (second picture). I thought maybe the previous owner used lotion or had somthing on their hands to cause the bubbling.

In the back a child seat has been dragged in and out causing some scuffing of the center panel between the back seats (third picture).

I'd like to replace the grab handle only and the steering wheel panel but not the horn or other sections. I'm thinking the panel in the back is available seperately.

Anybody seen this type of bubbling before? Will I need to go to the BMW dealer to get quality parts? Advice needed, Thanks.


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You will have to go to the dealership or to get those parts except the steering wheel cover. They make aftermarket ones of those but I would stick with the stock stuff.

The drivers side door handle is common to see scuffed. You will have to replace the whole armrest. It is one part number.

The back hatch will have to be purchased from the dealer also.

Note: To replace the steering wheel cover you will have to remove the airbag.
Not the best news I guesss... but I definetly appreciate your input.
I had the same problem. What year is your car? Because I brought my 2010 e92 in for peeling and bubbling just like you mentioned. The dealer replaced everything for free courtesy of BMWNA. Might want to give it a shot. Apparently it's a known issue with certain cars.
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