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I'm deciding between buying a 3 series F31 and a 5 series F11 and I would like to carry bikes in the car. I'm searching for internal bike rack options for carrying a bike standing vertically inside an F31 touring estate wagon. I found an official BMW internal rack for the 5 series F11 and was wondering if anything similar exists for the F31? Is anybody carrying bikes vertically inside their F31?

I'd like to carry a large road bike (56 size frame), and sometimes a 29er cross country mountain bike. Most likely the the front wheel and possibly seatpost needs to be taken off the bike and rear seats need to be folded down for a fit like this.

Bikes on the official BMW internal rack in a 5 series F11:


The rack itself:

There is a DIY method on youtube in an F31
, with the bike facing the other direction to the front of the car, and the forkholder attached to the back of the folded seat:


Does anybody carry their bikes this way in an F31? Can you post some photos?

I'm especially interested if larger mountain bikes would fit this way?

Do you need to use the additional space/height by opening the doors on the bottom of the trunk?

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