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Invert Wheel While in NAV/MAP -- F25

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Hi, I'm a first time BMW owner, so I'm not sure if this relates to all BMW's or just the F25 or what. But when I'm in the NAV and I want to zoom in or out, the wheel is totally inverted. When I twist left, it zooms in, twist right, zooms out. This is opposite from every other wheel based operation I've ever seen. (Righty tighty, lefty loosy!). Has anyone figured out a way to code the HU_NBT NAV unit to invert the wheel while in map mode?

I have a 2014 BMW X3 built in July 2013, so it doesn't have the touch, but it does have the NBT Head Unit.

Also, what is the code for adding fuel stop suggestions to the nav?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Backwards or not, the controller zoom direction is normal.

Thanks, after further research I found out that the wheel is a distance wheel and not a zoom wheel and I all makes sense to me now. I also finalized all my coding, I'm one happy camper now. :)
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