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Since updating my iPhone 5s to 7.1 I've noticed that the audio, presumably both ways, is no longer routing through the car's speakers and mic. I can pair the devices just fine, access the address book and initiate calls from iDrive but the audio only comes through the iPhone. I also used to have the ability to select the BMW as audio output while connected to the car but that option isn't there anymore.

So far I've un-paired and re-paired the devices and rebooted both the iPhone and iDrive. I have not done a networking reset on the phone as I don't really want to have the phone re-learn all the access points and devices it's paired with but if this has worked for anybody I'll give it a try.

I'm not sure if this is a BMW issue or an iOS issue but the only thing that has changed is me upgrading the phone to 7.1.

Anybody else having the same or similar problem?

If not, I guess a call to Apple is in order.
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