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This is a great forum and I hope you can help me! I took delivery of my new 520d today. I have left my Audi A5 behind to meet growign family needs! I love the car and I got a great deal but I think I have made a terrible mistake. I think the stereo is rubbish - I have the standard one and the Ipod controls I am baffled by. They were so easy in the Audi. I have looked around but can't find what I need - sorry if these questions have already been answered.

1) I take it I am stuck with the tiny album art you can hardly see (split screen is only on the professional wide screen ssytem?)
2) On playlists it orders them by band I cant seem to shuffle or skip to the next track without using the idrive wheel (and even there is is only the next on the list)- is this correct? I can use the steering wheel to get to the next song by the band in question but not the next song in the playlist if it was shuffled before being plugged in (does that make sense, dont think I have explained it well?!)
3) The big quesiton - can I upgrade the stereo in any way or am I stuck with this 'effort' (oh how I miss my bang and olfsen user friendly Audi with DAB!). I read about a chap in Poland who can supply a new upgraded system but no chance I could install that and I assume I would lose my warranty. I guess speaker upgrades are possible but I think if I read other mail correctly any amp's etc. are not possible with this head unit?

I know people will say I should have investigated further before buying - long story relating to family, the deal and stupidity I am afraid!

I really appreciate the help,

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