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iPod/Cassette Adapter install

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Works really well. Even with the 2002 Nav screen, there is enough space to tuck the wire from a generic Radio Shack cassette adapter cleanly in the screen's "seam."


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I have seen those tape adapters before, but I have never used one nor do I quite understand how they work. Is there much loss in the quality of the sound that comes out of them, like tape vs. CD?

Also, does the NAV system have any sort of audio-in jacks in the back?

Clever idea!


PS Speaking of Macs, do you use OSX? If so, do you experience problems posting to this forum using IE on OSX like I do?
I should have been more specific - I can post here using OSX. I just can't use the stuff in the 'vB Code' section (bold, quote, etc.). What's up with that? :dunno:

Otherwise OSX is great;I bought my laptop in anticipation of OSX last year instead of a Dell machine, and I'm glad I did. Nothing like having a terminial window running while having a nice GUI and app selection along with it. OSX is the only way to have all three at once without having to telnet/ssh to a *NIX box IMHO. :D

1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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