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iPod/Cassette Adapter install

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Works really well. Even with the 2002 Nav screen, there is enough space to tuck the wire from a generic Radio Shack cassette adapter cleanly in the screen's "seam."


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alee said:
Plaz, check this out: IPOD Install

When you want to kick your IPOD install up a notch, give this a roll... I bet you get much better sound quality since you're not losing anything going through a tape converter. :)
Sweet! Thanks, Al!

I predict I will do this in a couple of months!
Re: Plaz, need your help

jag3er said:
What are your settings when you play the iPod in car? Dolby, volume in car and also iPod volume. I just bought a new tape adapter and I'm getting the same low volume, no bass sound. According to Apple, the iPod should be set to 1/2 volume and no Dolby setting. I did that and I can barely hear the iPod at normal volume while the BMW demo cassette plays nice and loud.

I changed the Pod's volume to max and I could hear it through the car stereo but it was really bad quality, high treble, no bass.

I have a feeling the Pod is defective. My friend's Nomad plays just fine, like listening to a CD. I do not get this.:eek:
I usually have the iPod at about 60-70% volume. Any louder than that, and it starts to distort. At that level, it's only slightly quieter than the radio or CD changer. No problem with bass response... or at least no problem that's not inherent to the MP3 compression. I did nothing with dolby... don't even know if it's a selectable option.

Hope this helps!
It would be really cool if we could get some black plastics for the iPod to make it match the interior better...
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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