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Hey Everyone,

Have been following the many guides here regarding the iPod retrofit, however no matter what NCExpert setting I set it just won't take. I have done this on my older 745i and it didn't take over 5 hours of trying to get the stupid thing working.

I have upgraded the MMI to a 2008 build C04, and the iPod module was manufactured in 2009 - however the part # is 65110439425 which should be fine to use.

I have amended the VO to #0907 so that I can apply the IPOD_ADD amendments - no matter what I do, the CDC just won't take. I have a fibre light running through so its working fine, and the CD changer worked up until the hardware broke so its not a connection issue.

I don't know what else to do - I have attached my MMI TRC dump for reference, any help at all would be tremendously appreciated :)


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