In a continued quest for economies of scale BMW might be looking for another brand to acquire and restart. De Tomaso is an Italian car company best known in the US for producing the Pantera and ownership of Maserati. In 2004 the company hit financial trouble and has not been able to recover despite several efforts. BMW would not be getting any assets, simply the brand out of the sale.

Italy's Industry Ministry confirmed that talks continued with potential buyers of the De Tomaso sportscar brand including BMW, a trade union said in a statement on Thursday. The ministry aims to start a sale process by mid-October.

A spokesman for BMW said in May the group had no interest in the De Tomaso brand or any of its sites. The automaker did not immediately reply to a request for comment from Automotive News Europe.

A botched De Tomaso turnaround fell through earlier this year. The buyer had purchased a former Pininfarina factory on the outskirts of Turin and aimed to produce SUVs and sports cars under the De Tomaso brand.

I don't see an Italian sports car brand a good match for BMW, do you?