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BMW 320d M-sports 2016
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Hello guys,
I want to know if soft close system from f31(product code: 51247269543)is compatible with f30 USA. Can I make this change to have soft close trunk on my f30? If not, do you have any options?
I want to change on my f30(product code:51244825342)this system. Not the entire system(retrofit soft close it is about 500$). I want to change only this system from the photos. First photo is from my f30 and the second one is what I want to buy from f31 but with soft close.
View attachment 1029310
View attachment 1029311

Thank you.
For soft close, need another motor to retract the trunk lid.
The picture does not have it.
I installed a trunk lid lock for F31(same this picture) on my F30, a drive motor, and a few cables from REM and fuse box, and VO coding to achieve soft close.
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