”fwd bmw”

According to an article by Edmunds, BMW has developed a new front wheel drive platform that could lead to as many as 12 new models to be released from German automaker in the future. Sounds like BMW is getting rather friendly with the idea of front wheel drive.

It all starts with the 2 Series Active Tourer, BMW’s compact, multi-purpose family vehicle. Utilizing the new Mini’s UKL platform, the 2 Series Active Tourer eases BMW into the front drive market in the form of a mini van. So what’s next then? Well, I’m sure BMW will explore most of the avenues they do with the other lines. Edmunds stated that, ‘The German automaker's front-wheel-drive range will include a small sedan, a new BMW X1 SUV, a small sports car and a pair of BMW 2 Series five-door hatchbacks in the form of a practical GT and a sporty Gran Coupe, mirroring the bigger BMW 4 Series range. A larger X2 SUV is also possible. This sportier model would slot between the BMW X1 and X3. Eventually, the next-generation BMW 2 Series coupe will convert to the front-wheel-drive platform.’

The last part scares me a bit. BMW seems to be slowly getting away from manual gearboxes, but they say they will keep some for the enthusiasts. So, how long before they phase out rear wheel drive in favor of front drive and only have a few rear drivers left? I’m pretty sure that would never happen, but then again, I never thought BMW would ever have a front driver at all.

Source Edmunds