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Is HUD really an asset or mostly gimmicky?

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Hello All,
I have a few questions in regards to HUD, as we are looking to purchase a newer 5 series. So I am considering whether it is an option worthy of consideration such as heated seats, which is a must for my wife and daughters.

1. Is HUD really any use with a daily driver because this is what the BMW will be used for? I can see where HUD could be useful with navigation while traveling but we reserve our Escalade for trips. So do you find HUD necessary or unnecessary with your daily driver?

2. Do you consider HUD more of a nuisance? My daughter and I found it kinda neat in the vehicles we test drove but my wife found it distracting.

3. Are the BMW HUD units highly reliable or do they suffer from issues on occasion? I just read quite a number of people complaining about having issues with their HUD units. So is it just something else that's prone to fail and will need servicing/replacement at some point?

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I think the bright side is that most insurers don't have a source for non-OEM windshields when they are too specific, and are then forced to treat OEM ones the same as their preferred non-OEM ones.
A HUD-specific windshield doesn't sound like something that would be available non-OEM.
If you wear can't see it. At night.....a gimmick at best. If it was a "freebie", then cool. If you have to pay for it.......look for the next useless option like hand gestures, or the ridiculous turning headlights.
No option that helps you keep your eyes on the road (and gives you the info without having to refocus your sight from infinity to close) is a gimmick.
As for turning headlights, they are beautiful. They really help in tight corners, in dark underground parkings and on windy roads.
Hand gestures - yep, a big meh in my book.
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... the difference in price for a HUD windshield for my 328i is $100...
Probably different for other models.
Two things I'd leave to dedicated shops vs the dealer - wheel alignment and glass. Safelite are plenty good, in my experience. They know what they are doing, and have all the needed equipment. I don't think a BMW (or any other brand) dealer is better at replacing a windshield than Safelite or any decent body shop is. Many dealers actually outsorce this.

The problem is not Safelite, but the windshield that the insurance company makes them work with.
Insurers will always proceed with and push for 3rd party glass (which could be good or not so good), and will only go to name brand (BMW original in this case) if you agree to pay extra, OR if the 3rd party does not cary that specific model windshield.

The good part is that most exotic windshields will not be carried by the 3rd party and the insurer will be forced to go for original. And if it's at least half-good - they'll treat it as their own 3rd party. This happened to me with my econosuv - turned out that my windshield was exotic enough. They covered it in full.

Initially, when they thought that they had a 3rd party for my car, they were quoting me $250 (or was it $300) extra if I wanted to go with an original from the dealer (which is still less than the actual difference in price I think, looked like a flat fee).
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