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Is HUD really an asset or mostly gimmicky?

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Hello All,
I have a few questions in regards to HUD, as we are looking to purchase a newer 5 series. So I am considering whether it is an option worthy of consideration such as heated seats, which is a must for my wife and daughters.

1. Is HUD really any use with a daily driver because this is what the BMW will be used for? I can see where HUD could be useful with navigation while traveling but we reserve our Escalade for trips. So do you find HUD necessary or unnecessary with your daily driver?

2. Do you consider HUD more of a nuisance? My daughter and I found it kinda neat in the vehicles we test drove but my wife found it distracting.

3. Are the BMW HUD units highly reliable or do they suffer from issues on occasion? I just read quite a number of people complaining about having issues with their HUD units. So is it just something else that's prone to fail and will need servicing/replacement at some point?

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Thanks for all of the replies!

We've decided that HUD would be a preferred feature, so we are looking for something with that as well as our other desired features. My wife's favorite color scheme is Bluestone with the black SynsaTek interior. She does not like the black Dakota leather with the silver contrast stitching. So, that really limits what is available to us. She does like the blue stitching though as with m-sport packages. Anyhow, I have only located one vehicle that met our criteria, with one exception, out of the hundreds that I have viewed over the last weeks. It was a 2018 540xi m-sport with low mileage that was within our price range. That car was perfect with the exception it was a 2018 and I desire a 2019 with some remaining warranty. That car unfortunately sold today as I was awaiting them to send additional pics and a video. So, the quest continues.

God Bless,
When you buy a used car you can't wait "forever" for your dream car, right? Just saying...
Yes, I fully understand what you are saying. However, we are confident that the right car will come up soon and not necessarily an m-sport type. I spent many weeks looking for our last BMW all the while telling my wife that the car didn't exist. One finally popped up 700 miles away in Coral Springs. We still have that 530xi which now has 255,000 miles on it. Anyhow, hopefully something will come up soon that is within our price range.

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