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Is HUD really an asset or mostly gimmicky?

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Hello All,
I have a few questions in regards to HUD, as we are looking to purchase a newer 5 series. So I am considering whether it is an option worthy of consideration such as heated seats, which is a must for my wife and daughters.

1. Is HUD really any use with a daily driver because this is what the BMW will be used for? I can see where HUD could be useful with navigation while traveling but we reserve our Escalade for trips. So do you find HUD necessary or unnecessary with your daily driver?

2. Do you consider HUD more of a nuisance? My daughter and I found it kinda neat in the vehicles we test drove but my wife found it distracting.

3. Are the BMW HUD units highly reliable or do they suffer from issues on occasion? I just read quite a number of people complaining about having issues with their HUD units. So is it just something else that's prone to fail and will need servicing/replacement at some point?

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It is one option I really like and wouldn’t skip. That said, options can be very personal. So try the feature if you can.

You should be aware that the car offers a lot of customization and profiles that store settings individually. So, you could have it enabled for when you’re driving and your wife could have it off entirely. You may prefer full size mode and she may prefer “reduced” which cuts its height in half.
We were in our friend's Lexus without Nav and she was using Waze. Was not impressed. Maybe I would need to experience it more, but I find the BMW nav pretty excellent. And in my '22, I almost always use voice input for the destination, including general point of interest, rather than actual address.
Agreed. BMW maps are pretty solid.

The POI database can be a bit lacking at times. But I can send from Apple Maps or etc to the car 👍🏾
I've had to replace 2 windshields on my current 2021 M40 and I have HUD. Without HUD, the price was $1200. With HUD, the price was $2200.
Why would the difference matter that much? Insurance would be paying anyway, no?
Probably depends on your insurance coverage and location. For me, comprehensive covers windshield replacement (HUD or no HUD) with a $250 deductible.
Yeah, I would expect that any G30 would have comprehensive and be covered. I had similar when I was in PA. Now in NY I have full glass coverage so it has no deductible.

Are there states where windshields aren’t covered under comprehensive or mandated coverage (like FL)? Or are there enough people skipping comprehensive coverage, but paying out of pocket on a repair?
I haven’t had to make a windshield claim, but it is why I have Liberty Mutual.

BMW dealership and OEM parts are part of the coverage.

I did use it for hail damage. Dropped it off at the BMW CCC and let them deal with it.
HUD is distracting and a waste of money. I turned mine off prior to leaving the dealership. I wish they get rid of it and install better seats.
Since HUD is optional and so are the “better seats”. Why didn’t you skip the HUD and opt for the seats instead?
I didn't get a chance to order it. I had to (gasp!) buy from existing inventory
Then why take the stance you took? I get it. You don’t like the option. But it sounded like you are angry that others can, and do, like the option. By stating that the option should be axed and “better” seats put in its place.

I like both so I ordered both and am happy BMW allows it. My only gripe is HUD should be standard at the price point since it can be toggled off in settings…

Felt like a better contribution would have been that you don’t like HUD with maybe a reason and let it end there.
HUD, I’m my opinion is a complete waste of & and impedes on my vision by taking up valuable windshield space for vision….. at night. I live in Florida and wear polarized sunglasses. You cannot see the HUD if you wanted to. How often are you looking at this “ important “ data” ?
I drive several very fast cars I I have it limited to as little as I can which is mph.
Another issue which is just an fyi is the cost to replace an HUD windshield v non is more than double. Tell me about insurance and I will ask you about premium.
the net net for me is it doesn’t work and any serious driver does not want anything in their path of vision. This includes hanging things from rear view mirrors.
Thankfully in PA, and NY where I now live, comprehensive claims like windshield repairs and etc can’t be used to push your premiums up.
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