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Is it inevitable that tint won't stick over dots?

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I'm looking to get my windows tinted, and I've noticed that the tint doesn't stick on the dots around the window edges of a lot of cars, not only BMW's.

Is this condition just an accepted fact for these types of windows?


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On my current car, the solution to the "won't stick to the dots" was to use a credit card and swipe the area from below the dots to the top of the window. This will get out most if not all of the bubbles that tend to form in between the dots. It also helps the tint to adhere to this area. The credit card works nicely due to the fact that it is flexible and easy to get into the corners of the windshield.

My tint was done over 5 years ago and it still looks like new (no peeling or cracking) around this problem area.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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