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Is it just me... or is BMW having serious problems with QA?

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I now have 20.000 km on the dial of my 2001 steel gray Ci.

I love the design and looks of this car, but the car has given me lots of problems. Here's a list:

1. Rattles from passenger side door
2. Clonk'in sounds from the differential
3. Extremly high oil consumption
4. Poor FM radio reception
5. Leaking coolant
6. Leaking power steering pump
7. Flaking paint (on bumper and skirts)
9. Worn out front wheel mounts (after only 20.000 km?)
8. Spotted paint (on repainted bumper and skirts)

Dealer now has to repaint my bumper (2nd time). I just about had it. Its no joy to drive this BMW - I would much rather be without it. I am however stuck with it until its at least three years old (its a company car).

Damn... :thumbdwn:

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I hate it for ya...sounds like you got a lemon...

:thumbdwn: :( :cry:
I have not had one problem with my car.... yet. :yikes:
paint problems

I have a new car that has paint problems... please elaborate.

It bubbles and then peels or flakes. :mad:

I've only had my car a short time. I've also noticed problems with the chrome grill.

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almost 10,000 miles here, only one problem with front lower HK speaker.
5800 miles, not one problem, not one squeek or rattle. Do you abuse your car? :dunno:
16,500 miles:

4 Aux Fans
1 rear door mounted window switch
no rattles, no strange fluid consumption, no real problems.
No, I don't abuse my car...

I think that I have just plain out of luck with this car.

So many small problems all the time. The car is fun to drive and I really like the design of the E46 coupé - its just annoying having to visit the dealer all the time (not that I don't like my dealer, he's OK).

I had a couple of Toyotas before. These cars are quite ordinary, but the quality is absolutly amazing. Never had any problems.

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No problems here except HK fix and a seat cover replaced and CD, besides that...great.. Sorry about your problems :( You are right about the Toyota thing, great quality, and Honda also
6 days with my car... the only problem so far is that the two sides of the housing for the rain sensor separated... I just pressed them together, heard a little "click," and all is well.

I noticed this two days into ownership -- not sure if it came apart, or if it was just not snapped together properly to begin with.

Hopefully that will be the extent of my car's problems!
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I have no problems with my second E46 (2001). I had a great 99 328i with no problems. Better luck next time....:dunno:


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no problems

five days so far, nothing wrong yet! THe only thing i have noticed is that the window seals are a little tight, but that will heal over time and eventually they will not squeak when i open them.
Have the car since January 2001, no problems whatsoever...

jse: I tried to private message you, but you didn't seem to have looked at it, I've sent you another e-mail about a question I want to ask you, please have a look. Thanks!:)
Did not receive your mail...

Please try again... [email protected]

You've got mail. :D
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