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Is it possible to make it through the winter in Indiana?

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Is it possible to make it through the winter in Indiana? at Purdue University?? i have a 330ci with the sport package
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Hi, welcome to the 'Fest!

Just get some snow tires, you'll have no problems.
Well, it depends. Last winter was fine. Two late snows of around 5" each, but hardly anything other than that. The winter before, however, was lots of little snows. Maybe 3/4" a couple times a week all winter. We're south enough from the lakes that we don't get much snow. But enough snow that either all seasons or snows should be had. I wouldn't do it on summer tires. If you're driving up to Michigan a lot, the snow is probably worse as you pass by Lake Michigan. So then get snows.
Get an extra set of wheels and snow tires. The tires make all the difference in the winter. I got caught with my summer tires on in an April snowfall and even though I have AWD it was not fun.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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