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Is that considered expensive or are other experiences that it costs even more than that.

Just trying to gauge what the definition of "expensive" is for this mod.
As far as i know we are the cheapest by far ( considering the quality of work you are getting).
Comparable work is being offered at $2500 by other companies

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How do you offer the work for so cheap?

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I wanted to know if it was possible to switch my regular headlights on my 2013 bmw 328i to the xenon cat eye headlights?
If you are in Northern CA, we offer the service where we can convert your F30 headlights to a bright Orion V4 (brightest on the market and better than the factory units) and give you the best and brightest bixenon retrofit.

Our prices are usually depending on the level of work you wish for us to do.
Complete headlights with Bixenon Retrofits are broken down as follows:

1) headlight opening and resealing $450
2) Orion V4 ($325)
3) Bixenon Restrofit with Canbus Error Free Kit - $225
4) Black Out (optional) $50 or Custom paint ($225)
5) Demon Eyes ($50 for red, $125 with controller for RGB)

Our prices are about $1K for both lights installed. Actual installation on the car will be charged at $75 per hour but on average we're usually 20-50% less expensive AND with much more experience than just about anyone else.

Here is a little blurb we wrote up:
[begin advertorial - due to google search]
The Orion V4 is very hard to photograph properly. The problem is that many cameras overexpose the images and then the review of the product appears incorrect. At Umnitza, we do our best to take the most accurate shots to represent the true brightness of all the products on our and pages. At the bottom of this post, you can click on those links to get a very good representation of all the work we've done and some of the reviews our customers have put together fo those products. We've focused on angel eyes longer than anyone, some competitor's rings are COB (which we sell) and some are still the older style SMD, but most expert installers agree, Orion V4 is the best.
In addition to offering Orion branded angel eyes products, we also offer a wide assortment of LEDs that use some of the same chips we throw into the Orion V2 and V4 rings.
The break down of our product range is pretty straight forward once you get the hand of it and you can see more of those products here.
Umnitza Orion V2 - this is a 60 LED product that is the longest lasting angel eyes product on the market. It has proven reliability. You can see it on our youtube channel where we put it underwater including the connectors and take a hammer to it.
Umnitza Orion V4 - this is a 120 LED product that builds upon the foundation of Orion V2 quality.
Umnitza Orion COB - this is our entry level product, about 70% as bright as the V4, no gaps, but a yellow optic when off.
Umnitza Orion V2 Multi-Color - This is our V2 (technically our V3 but we didn't want to confuse people further) which allows you to change the color of the rings at the press of a button.
All these products have great reviews and are long term products that we continue to support.

Here is what the Orion V4 looks like when taken properly at night:

Here is how bright they are during the day:

Here it is on a ZHP:[URL=""]

And here they are on an E92 for reference:

  • DIY Youtube Videos Now with every install we do that is unique, we'll be doing a DIY video for you.
  • Check out what some of our customers are saying on our new blog with umnitza reviews- We're working very hard to continue to gain your trust and continued support. If there is anything we can do for you, please contact us right away, past, present, and future, we renewed not only our site but our commitment to not just providing you products but providing you honest, direct, and improved support whenever and wherever possible!
  • Umnitza Instagram Not only do our techs do custom one-off retrofits for local customer cars by appointment, we also sell a large assortment of HID Projectors. Now, not only can you pre-order a custom retrofitted headlight but you can also send in your headlights to be retrofitted with the latest Demon Eyes, Orion V4 LED Angel Eyes, and a wide assortment of projectors, shrouds, and custom paint options (see examples below)
  • Umnitza Facebook Some of our communication happens on Facebook, where we provide customers detailed photo synopsis of their headlight orders shipping. This way, there are no surprises and the customer can better prepare for the delivery, unwrapping and installation.


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Couldn't you just buy the OEM xenons and VO code in the lighting package option? Wonder how much difference you would net out after selling the original set.
There is a DIY at the link below, cost is $1200-1500 -

Halogen headlights housing are on eBay for $129.99 each with free shipping. So figure it will cost about 1K to go OEM plus all the work if you sell your factory lights. If you pay someone for the work figure $1500 after selling your parts.
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