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Is TD considering buying a 745Li?

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TD said:
There's probably no need for me to point out that that's not me.

I've seen people posting with "TD" at a couple of the boards. When I post at the E36 M3 board @ Roadfly, I don't use it as there is already a "TD" there. (BTW, I use "Holden" or "Holden M3/4")

It's not like I have rights to "TD".
Relax, I'm just kidding ;)
TD said:

I didn't think you were serious. But as this is not a PM... Who knows about the lurkers?
If they were even halfway decent lurkers they would know how much you dislike the E65 :p
TD said:
If even a small percentage of the Roadfly lurkers migrated here, we do have people lurking that are THAT oblivious.
Ok, to the Lurkers:

Search under username "TD" and term "E65" or "Bangle" :thumb:
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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