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IS there a way to activiate the "R/T" steering wheel button?

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i searched the archives to no avail on

is there a way to activiate the "r/t" steering wheel button to switch between factory cd player and radio w/o buying the cd changer or telephone? i have the standard steering wheel.

thanks for any assistance!
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nope, i asked the same to my dealer, and my mechanic, according to them, although stupid, it doesnt work that way,.

thats a pretty dumb engineering fault imho, because you can do basically EVERYTHING from the wheel involving the stereo except that :dunno: thats been my one and only complaint with my bimmer, and that isnt much of a complaint really, i still love it:D
I converterted one of the button to a radio mute.

When i press it ones the radio mutes, press it again and (dhu) it un-mutes.

I cut the wire of the steeringwheel button... but a small electronic-kit on it that just switches a relay.. the relay is connected to the yellow wire that is used for muting the radio on phonecalls.

the biggest problem was location the wires.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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