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Guys -- I've been searching these forums, and the internet in general, for several days now. Everything I've read about and tried hasn't worked. So, I'm wondering if someone can help if I just ask the question:

I'm trying to find the specific fuse or fuses in the front fuse panel of my X6 that is powered only when the car is on in my 2014 X6. It seems like nearly all the fuses in the passenger side front fuse panel always have power. I did discover that the rear-defroster fuse spot only has power when the car is running. However, even when the car is running, my radar can't get power from that spot unless I turn "on" the rear-defroster! It seems there's some computer that overrides the fuse power and knows what to activate and when.

Is there any hope of getting ignition power - short of running a line from the rear fuse box? Does anyone know which specific fuse or fuses will provide power to the radar only when the car is on, and cut power when the car is off (or within 20-or so minutes of being turned-off)?

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