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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to purchase my first bimmer and wanted to get your opinion on if this seems like a good deal:

2006 325xi Titanium Silver color with 30,000 miles has:
-Premium Package
-Sport Package
-Cold-weather package
-7-logic sound system

It is being sold by a non-BMW dealer (was a trade-in). Dealer wants $27,500. Good deal or not?

Also, is there any way based on the VIN to check what options the car came with? The dealer is not sure if it has some of the options I asked about (bluetooth) and I'm not totally convinced that it has the 7 logic sound system...I was told by someone that only a dealer can look it up. If someone would be willing to do that for me I would be forever grateful...I can PM you the VIN.

Thanks for your help!

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That's not a bad price, especially as loaded as it is. It's right in the ballpark. If it has the premium package, it has bluetooth. Does it have xenons? As loaded as it is, I'd say the odds are high it has Logic 7. It would be fairly unusual for a car with premium and nav/I-Drive not to have Logic 7.
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