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I haven't posted here in a while! I hope everyone is well and happy and looking forward to the holidays.

So, I had a bit of a surreal experience today and want a reality check here. I found a sexy beast of a 2011 X 6M in that optical illusion color of pearl navy/black about 18 mos ago. It was a complete impulse purchase for my middle aged housewife ass, but I fell madly in love.

We spent $36K for it and have had no reason to regret it. Except that we have 5 kids - 2 of whom just started college - and the monthly car payments make me cringe with guilt every time they come due. Also, there's the pre-guilt of knowing the cost of replacing the tires one day, or if we ever have to deal with a major repair.

We're comfortable enough financially that these issues could be absorbed, we didn't get ourselves into a situation that this car would derail anything else we are responsible for if/when these things happen, but the real bit that sticks in my craw is that I just don't need this much engine to run to costco and pick the kids up from Lacrosse, much as I hate to stop giving the cops something to do by chasing me at 150mph when I do.

Ha, that last part was wishful thinking. I live in a very congested little town where everyone drives under the speed limit and this car is the only X 6M in the state and you couldn't speed in it if your hair was on fire. I've had it 18 mos and STILL haven't even pushed the M button!

I told hubby when we bought it that it was a collector's item and maybe one day we could sell it for more than we paid for it. (I thought I was lying through my teeth). Since I just stay home and run the kids around a 4 mile radius, I never rack up the mileage on cars, always keep them in the garage, etc...but I didn't really b/l what I said about it being an investment. Nobody around here even realizes what I have. Except the poseurs that plaster the 'M' logo all over their sad little 'X' models and think we can't count tailpipes and realize they don't actually have a race car engine under their impotent little hoods...OMG!! IT'S TRUE, BMW OWNERS REALLY ARE ASSHOLES AND I FINALLY MADE IT!!

So, let me get to the story behind why I'm posting when it's 9 days before xmas and I have 21 staples up my spine after back surgery and should be laying in bed, being fed bonbons by the ingrates I call my kids.

I met hubby at lunch today and spied some random dude scoping out my sweet ride in the parking lot. It happens now and then, and I can always tell when someone knows her for what she is. Dude goes around my gypsy Jolene 3x, peeking in the windows and under the chassis and then comes in. We are a LEO family and hubby and I fight over who has to sit with their back to the door, so it was my job to watch his back this time and I saw Peeky Peekerton come in and start walking past tables, trying to figure out who owns her.

He got to our table and asked hubby. (Why does everyone always assume it's a man's car? I'm just as capable of tossing my giant 'nads over the center console so my feet are free to work the pedals, too!)

Hubby deferred to me and the man took one look and said, "awww, it's never gonna happen now if it's her car!" (I'll get back to this later and speculate with you on all the millions of reasons he could have looked at me and assumed he was getting absolutely nowhere).

Turns out the dude wanted to buy her on the spot. Offered to walk to his bank across the street and come back with a cashier's check for whatever I owe, plus $8K more. Said he is a collector, has been looking for my model, my year, my color for over 6 yrs. Said he has a Mercedes and another Bimmer model (which I don't recall b/c if there isn't an 'M' in it, why is it even a Bimmer?) He could add into the deal if I wanted.

He knew the car, inside and out. I never saw him stop and consult his phone to look things up. He was insistent that I could name my price. He added that he is a former Marine, told us where he lives and then threw in that he has end-stage leukemia and bone cancer and getting this car is his biggest dream. He actually was getting pretty loud and emotional and a waitress came over to check on things.

Hubby is on the job and was in uniform, so he was pretty uncomfortable. He assumed I would never part with Jolene, so he tried to tell the guy we just aren't interested. But I have the guilt, knowledge that I'm not really giving Jolene the life she deserves AND I feel the 17 and 18 yo's circling like sharks, just hoping for the day I leave the keys laying around. Sometimes the 17 yo even asks me if I have made a will yet and who gets the car.

When the dude said he was terminal, too - I mean, really. Stroking my own ego by hiding this unicorn in my garage doesn't hold a candle to that - he should have her.

So I told him I'd get the numbers together, see what we still owe and talk it over with the family and get back to him. I got his number and he left, begging and promising the world.

Hubby thinks it was a scam or just a crazy dude b/c it was so over the top. Dude didn't look sketchy, tho. He was emotional and animated, but appeared to be solidly fed, educated, cared for and clothed. I don't know, tho - maybe he just tried meth for the first time - I could see someone acting like that if they just decided to try meth for a mid-life crisis experiment or something.

There's also the fact that hubby is on the job and was in uniform. If the dude had approached me when I was alone, I wouldn't b/l it for a second. Maybe if he approached us together when hubby was off-duty, I'd still assume it was a meth-fueled fantasy. But hubby was in uniform. Even the most devoted meth-heads around our downtown area avoid the uniform like the plague. Only hella crazy tries to run a scam on the po-po and wife while they have lunch.

So, I told him I'd call him back this evening. I looked it up and we owe just under $30K on Jolene. I've kept her in pristine condition, hardly added any miles in 18 mos, gotten the very few issues she's had fixed on the spot. We've put about $9K into payments and maybe $2K into repairs and maintenance.

If the dude is legitimate, about $38K gets me breaking even again and I basically eat the $11K I've put into her.

My question is: would you do it? I mean, if you were in my boat and this car really isn't the biggest love of your life and you barely even get to drive it or enjoy the thoroughbred engine?

Is the car worth it? Is it actually true that ppl will pay more than these cars are are worth?

I'll know soon enough if the guy was legit or not - unless it turns into one of those "I can pay you part right now, but need a little time on the rest" situations....but how does it sound to more savvy unicorn owners? Does this ever really happen or am I getting played?

Thanks for any opinions, input, advice or experience!

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Miss your posts, you have such a flare.
If you haven't even pressed that button yet, even you don't know what a beast you have!
I do totally get your train of thought, having owned a couple now and dreamed of getting an ///M,
I continue to have the glaring question, is it worth the premium?
So far the answer has been no. Yet the desire persists.
I'm not sure I could turn a teenager loose in something like that, just spells trouble.
To answer one of your questions, yes, there are enthusiasts like that.
As you have found out, you do have a fairly rare gem.
A quick search on carguru shows them with mileage from 50-60k for around 30k.
One with less than 20k is just under 40i and rated fair on price.
So if I were you, I would start pretty high, you can always come down, plus you have the upper hand.
A premium to sell should be taken advantage of also.
Sorry to hear about your back, been through one myself.
Good luck and don't feel guilty about making a profit if you can.
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