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Issue with a purchasing off lease X5d CPO certified because of open recall, EGR cooler

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Hi all

I would like to have wise advice over the issue that i am going thru.

I have 2018 X5 diesel leased and try to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease term with CPO certified, which will provide a limited coverage for 6 years unlimited mileage.

Allowed mileage 42000
Current mileage 54000

The reasons i would like to keep this car are that 1. we do not get to have X5 diesel anymore, 2. i did not care about the mileage much since i was going to buy it. 3. current market situation.

The dealership initiated the CPO certification process back in November 2021, and notified me that i would not be able to purchase the car with CPO certified since there was an open recall, EGR cooler 21v-907, which still do not have a remedy. i have been extending the lease for last 6 months hoping that this could be resolved.

Now i was told that i have reached the maximum allowed time for the lease extension.

I have talked to BMW FS, relations and dealerships numerous times over this issue, and have been directed to different departments with different responses.

Yes i have an option to buy this car thru BMW FS directly (Refijet) or other lenders singing a waiver for the recall, but will not be able to obtain CPO warranty.

Am i putting too much emphasis on CPO coverage?
I think whether having coverage for next 18 months or not is huge.

I would appreciate if anyone can share own experience or advice please.

thank you all!
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You are putting to much emphasis on the CPO.

My '18 35d purchased, not leased, with 90 miles, December 16, 2018, went out of warranty in December due to mileage (currently sitting on 44K). I'm keeping a separate fund to cover anything in the future.
Adding CPO to a car costs more than it is worth. Like all extended warranties, they are bets against the house and the house seldom pays out, otherwise it would soon be broke.

Yes, I bought mine CPO but that is what was available - and I am very happy with it.
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My experience is that problems that could possibly be covered by extended warranties start to creep up after about 120,000 miles. The way the car was taken care of and driven matters more in the long run.
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