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ISTA 4.39.2x standalone +SDP full 4.41.2 [torrent]

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ISTA torrent file, which is the independent version of ISTA+ provided by sedoy.

I don't provide license, please don't write me. Check mega folder.

No password, if it helps you, please give me thanks and add reputation

2021-03-22 updated with 4.28.2x version
2021-03-27 updated with 4.28.3x version
2021-04-15 updated with 4.28.4x version
2021-04-26 updated with 4.29.1x version
2021-05-13 updated with 4.29.2x version
2021-05-30 updated with 4.29.3x version
2021-06-26 update with 4.30.1x version
2021-07-25 update with 4.30.3x version
2021-08-06 update with 4.30.4x version
2021-08-25 update with 4.31.1x version
2021-09-10 update with 4.31.2x version
2021-09-25 update with 4.31.3x version
2021-10-08 update with 4.31.4x version
2021-10-29 update with 4.32.1x version
2021-11-05 update with 4.32.2x version
2022-01-22 update with 4.33.2x version
2022-02-04 update with 4.33.3x version
2022-03-11 update with 4.34.2x version
2022-04-01 update with 4.34.3x version
2022-04-08 update with 4.34.4x version
2022-05-04 update with 4.35.1x version
2022-05-13 update with 4.35.2x version
2022-05-28 update with 4.35.3x version
2022-06-19 update with 4.35.4x version
2022-07-02 update with 4.36.1x version
2022-07-21 update with 4.36.2x version
2022-07-31 update with 4.36.3x version
2022-08-18 update with 4.36.4x version
2022-09-11 update with 4.37.2x version
2022-10-11 update with 4.37.4x version
2023-02-24 update with 4.39.2x version with activated license


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update with ISTA 4.29.3x
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I have problems with all latest versions. The programming system could not be initialized.I use installer and same problem is with manual install.
Never had this problem older versions.
4.27.22 version works like a charm. I uploaded my log files, can you help me. UPLOAD.EE - log_files_4.29.30.7z - Download

Best regards,


Problem solved. Old reg files have to be deleted additionally in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\BMWGroup\ISPI. Reinstall and works perfect.
Hi, can anyone help with this please.
I following the instruction including trying to activate PAD but don’t seem to be able to get round the error.
thank you


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Which car??
I recently installed the latest version of ista. After instalation its saying
Die installierte Datenbank ist nicht vollständig. Eine Reparaturinstallation muss durchgeführt werden.
ISTA kann ohne vollständige Datenbanken nicht verwendet werden. Die Applikation wird daher beendet
First how did it end up in germany. My download was 100% and i selected full instaltion which checked every box. Did i miss a step. I used the installer.Thanks
2021-06-26 updated with 4.30.1x version
2021-06-26 updated with 4.30.1x version

I installed using the istaller. what didi i do wrong.Please help
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Does anyone know how to turn off the manual terminal change? Every time I try deleting the faults on e series it takes me to the switch ignition off and when I do nothing happens at all. If I do it on an f series it works without a problem
Check if you have copied the SQLiteDB files. There must be 5 files.
Then check if you have copied the BLP files into the main folder Rheingold.

blak530i with the K-DCAN cable this is the only way to delete error on E series. If you click cancel, and rescan you will see that the errors are deleted. You have 2 options:
1. Install an older version of ISTA which doesn't gave you that error.
2. Buy an ICOM and you are done.
Anyone detect a malware in the ista-4-30-1x-standalone-sdp-full-torrent?

Just finished downloading the file, ran a virus scan and "w32.malware.gen" was detected in the HUTOOL2.exe, see attached pic.

Anyone encountered this? Is this a legit file required for operation of ISTA?

I'm a bit concerned about possible trojans/malware, so I'm inclined to quarantine/delete this "w32.malware.gen"/HUTOOL2.exe...

I appreciate ppl's input or experience..



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update with ISTA 4.29.3x
Thank you,
also looking forward the 4.30.2x release!!
2021-07-25 update with 4.30.3x version
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hello bmw friends, i am looking for a sqlitedbs FR file for ista 4.30 someone would have it that.
a big thank you and good journey to all.
So I got my ICOM in and reinstalled the 4.29 sedoy version, I used the installer which worked fine but when I open it. It asks me for a license key. any suggestions?
So I got my ICOM in and reinstalled the 4.29 sedoy version, I used the installer which worked fine but when I open it. It asks me for a license key. any suggestions?
Last week I installed the latest 4.30.xx on fresh Windows 10 without any issues with license key. Maybe you should give a try the latest version.
2021-08-06 update with 4.30.4x version
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Hi Friends.

Just went to install 4.31.1x version using the installer and getting an error stating "This installer does not support the Windows you are running". Im running Windows 7, 64bit version. Presuming it is the 64Bit version causing the issue? Any help of overcoming this? Dont mind installing manually, but still looking for those instructions.

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