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Ista+ download link - no request

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** Download and read the "ISTA+ Installation Guide" PDF file BEFORE downloading or attempting to install **

EDIABAS Installer is included in the Tools folder. Install only if you need it and you don't have a previous installation of EDIABAS. Make sure you configure your cable/ICOM settings in the EDIABAS.ini file. If you need help with configuring your cable and/or ICOM, refer to the Beginners Guide to ISTA+ located here

Megadownloader is now added to the download. Use it to download large files from Mega. You need 60GB of available space before extraction AND 36GB of space for the program.


Version Info - includes English & German DBs.

Don't clutter this thread with requests. Issues with installation and other information should be discussed either in your own thread or in the "Beginner's Guide to ISTA+" thread. Don't PM ask for links?
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Hi please can you send me the link for ista+
I have been successful with ISTA+ thank you. I now need ISTA P to program 2001 525. Is there an available link? Thank you
Could you please send link to ISTA+? Thanks!
Could you please send me a link to ISTA+?
Thank you so much in advance :)
Same link for me. thanks
Hi, could you please send me the link to ISTA+?
Can i have the download link for ista + and ista P please, with databases? one click installer
Hello, Could someone please send me the link for this download? Thanks in advance.
Hi guys, can I have a download link of ista+ please? Thank you!!
I need Ista + and Ista P link please, Thanks
May I also have an ista+ link please?
Hi. Can someone please send me the link for ista. Thanks in advance.
Could I get the link for ISTA+. Is the version compatible with an F10 and ‘19 G05?

much appreciated.
Hello Adalbert :),

May I have links to ISTA please.

Thank you!
Hello friends, I will also be happy about a link. Thanks
hi, i also need the new ista please. My database is from 2017
me again please, the link I received expired :(
2841 - 2860 of 2928 Posts