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We've got quite a list of people signed up for the meet and we really want to make this a success and have fun.

We've secured the pavillion which has 2 small grills, but they're not very impressive. Having said that we'd like to solicit contributions for food, eating utensils, paper plates, drinks, and any other things. Alcohol in the park is prohibited - unfortunately.

Anyway, this is not a requirement for attending since it is FREE, but it's growing in size with a good number of people who have signed up and plenty more that will show who haven't listed. If you can contribute, please sign-up below and copy/paste the list if you can add to it. If you can't please do not feel obligated - this is all about enjoying our rides, having fun, and some food.

GJGM3 (Gerard): Pavillion, Chips, two packages of Ball Park Beef Hot Dogs, Cooler filled with ice
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