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It's almost here!!!!

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Dealer says I should get my car this Friday or Saturday morning!!!! Weather forecast is sunny and mid 70's, which is just perfect for a top-down cruise.

I am way anxious for this car to get here. I've been alternating between driving my son's '72 Chevelle and my husband's '02 Grand Prix for 7 weeks. I'm ready to get back in a BMW!!!

BTW-When I got my 2001 325Ci last Sept. (which I took back this past Feb.), they scratched up the side of it while washing it and had to repaint the driver door. I figure they used a dirty rag or towel on it cuz it looked like maybe sand was in the rag and scratched the paint. So this time around, I told my salesman that I wanted to be there when they got ready to wash it and personally meet the guy that was going to do the work and slip him $20 to be extra careful.
Do you think I'm being anal?
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Congrats on the soon to be arrived CiC.

Anal NO smart yes. You might want to check them out while they are washing another car to make sure they know what they are doing:dunno:

IMO delivered dirty is better than delivered with scratches. Good luck:)
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