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Hello everybody, last time I was here was in May! But winters coming and I needed to get my E34 back to running. Over the summer I've been working on my 350Z.
-EBC brakes
-100 Shot Nitrous
-6 pick sprung clutch

So in may I took on changing the oil filter housing gasket. While I had that apart, I tried to get my S50 cams in. My dad broke the intake cam but I've since replaced it. I couldn't get the VANOS gear off of the intake can and into the new one. So I left it until yesterday. To be honest, watching the Hangover and that sweet ass benzo made me want my Euro back.
So I'm putting it back together and it's damn near done. Since I've taken it apart, I replaced:
-Crankshaft Position Sensor
-Oil filter housing gasket
-Radiator bleed screw (brasssssss!)
-Valve cover gasket
-Spark plugs
-Secondary Valve cover vacuum line
-Cleaned MAF
-Tightened steering box
-Painted Valve cover (alloy wheel silver)
-Those annoying a$$ little caps that cover the engine cover screws.

To be done in the future:
-fix door handle (cable snapped)
-Sport Shocks all 4
-M5 sway bar
-540 brakes (of you got a set, I'll take 'em)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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