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It's that time of year...

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I got my US Grand Prix tix the other day. Is anyone else planning on attending? Or maybe even painting a roundel on their chest to support the team (a la David Puddy)?
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PhilH said:
With the way the season is going (ho-hum, which red car will win today), I'm not even positive I'm going to watch the US Grand Prix on TV. :rolleyes:

What are we waiting for now? Do we care when Rubens clinches second place?
Heck, I live here and I'm not even going. Might go to practice or qualifications just to say I've been to a GP event.

The Brickyard 400 will probably prove to be more entertaining than the GP. At least there was plenty of passing involved.

Whoever wins the pole in GP's gets the win, unless he blows up or his initials are JPM.

For anyone going to the USGP and is interested I think the local BMW CCA chapter, Hooser BMW Car Club, is putting on their 'Formula One Corral' again this year.

Anyone that's interested can pull them up at
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