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Jack Pads

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Check this out. I got some cool jack pads to go on some new jack stands/jack. The stands came with a 3.5 ton jack AND a nice creeper with pillow/pad! All this for 107 bucks at Sears! That’s good, I think, for all that . My last creeper bit the dust carrying around a 327 Vette motor I built for a friend. It was a nice wood Snap-on! Yes, I had it a while! The pads are a must have (IMHO) if you like to play under your car or track it. I even got the one for my 1.5 ton jack.


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Hey Steve . . .

I moved this thread from the Z car forum so all the DIY viewers could see it. :)
The other


Have you had a chance to use it yet? Any clearance problems with the jack?
Yes, they work great. The 1.5 ton one is about 3" thick and is perfect for raising wheel completly off ground (by itself, the jack did not go high enough). I used to have to use a block of wood for this. I got them from California Car Cover.
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