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The '01 and later M-Z3's come with an under body panel that attaches to the front axle support for starters. It continues back (attached in many places) to the rear of the transmission.
I jack the front of my BMW's via the front axle support when I want to get the front of the car up in the air. Since the '01 and later, the front axle support is covered with the plastic under body panel. If you jack on the plastic piece, the jack (which is on wheels) will slide off the plastic covered front axle support and end up supporting the steering rack based on my experience.
I ended up modifying the under body panel in the front axle support area so that it would accommodate jacking in the way I'm used to. You basically remove some of the under body panel to expose the front axle support.

I assumed that the under body panel was for aerodynamic reasons, so covering up the opening I created, was on my list. Finally got around to doing it. I used copper flashing to do this. Copper flashing is easily worked. Goal was something easy to remove when jacking. There is an existing hole in the center of the front axle support which I enlarged a little and installed an AVK insert, just like I used on my ti X-brace install.

Connect to:

The other trick was to create a notch in the sides of the flashing at the first bend. This, with the bolt, locks it in place. Took me 3.5 hours to figure out how to make this piece and tweak it into place. This time includes the insert install.

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