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So, yesterday there was a mishap.

As you may know, we here in Central/Western New York were all thinking that Winter was over and that Spring was finally getting off its dead ass to relieve us.

Then, we had a storm. Temps went from in the 50's to the teens over a few hours and we got about a foot of snow. My mother's car was down for the count until dad could fix it, so she borrowed my winter beater a few days before and I had the 325 out. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue. I'm prepared for the winter blows. I've got proper tires and the epic snowbrush.

However, there was a snag.

See, my driveway is kind of stupid. I live in a duplex in a suburban neighborhood. The driveway is rather narrow and not really straight. There's a hill on the right side of it you can't really drive on and ruts about 8" deep in the middle of it; I guess "tear out the driveway and redo the entire subsurface" is in my landlord's "five year plan." It needs to be in his "fix it right now, dammit" plan. But I digress.

Since I like my bumper cover and the plastic skid-plate, I have to park kind of off-center so the car perches on the hump between the ruts and the edge of the driveway. Since the driveway isn't straight and there's that hill, I can't back straight out. I kind of have to back up a bit, swing right and then straighten out.

I do this every day. No biggie.

Except yesterday.

So, my fiancé parks her Focus off to the right of the driveway about 25' down, right about where you have to do the swing into the center of the driveway. Right at that point in the center of the way there was a patch of solid, wet ice the storm had conspired to leave for me. So, as I straightened the wheels, the car keeps sliding right for another six or eight inches. That left about 2 inches of overlap in our mirrors. You can see where this is going.

The Bimmer and the Focus fought and the Focus won. Not even a mark on the domestic. The passenger mirror on the 325 was cracked clean off. Naturally, I uttered the word starting with 'f' and ending with "uck." So. Great start to the day.

Fast forward to that evening. I'm tooling about the 'net trying to figure out what this little scrape is going to cost me. Mirrors aren't cheap, it seems. So, I take a close look at the broken one and how it's put together.

It's apparently a cast aluminum frame with a narrow U-shaped member between the frame for the mirror body and guts and the flange that bolts to the door panel. There's really not much material there. I'm not surprised it cracked right off, but kind of glad; it would have torn up the door panel and likely ripped the mirror off the Focus as well if it were more mighty.

The break was clean and accessible, though. I've got a tube(s) of venerable JB Weld in the toolbox. Never used it, but was told by my dad and uncles "it's amazing and can fix practically anything but exhaust manifolds." They had waxed lyrical about the stuff they've patched with it. I figured it was worth a try.

So, I mixed a batch up, applied it, held it by hand (ouch!) for about an hour, then taped it securely down and set it up in front of my little space heater for the rest of the night. I was skeptical, but it was worth a try for the $300 or more it was going to cost to get another mirror.

This morning, I came downstairs after about 15h of set time and took the tape off. Damn if the connection isn't solid. It feels just like it did before it broke. I pulled pretty hard on it and it'd not coming off. I think I got away with it.

SO. There's two morals to the story here.
  1. Get your landlord to fix your damned driveway,
  2. You need some JB Weld in your toolbox.

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I've only used JB once, and that was on a cracked exhaust manifold on my old 240SX :rofl:. You're right though, it didn't do squat!

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Great story.

I've MacGuyvered all sorts of stuff with JBWeld. Love it.

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I used JB Weld on the inside of my Harley fairing to hold the knurrled grommets that hold the whole thing on. Over 5 years have passed and not a budge.

Yep JB Weld, PB Plaster, and Goop are three of the best products on the market.
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