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I have a 2008 328i with 148,000 miles. The last few days I have noticed some bumpiness when the car downshfts coming to a stop, sometimes upshifting feels a little funny but mostly downshift ing 3-2-1 at low speeds. No slipping and no gears stuck just a little bump.

I tried resetting the adaptive transmission didn't help disconnected the battery (idk why) and nothing. Took to a mechanic I know his scanner showed 578E. He removed and reset the transmission with his scanner then we drove it it was acting exactly the same.

We tried checking the level of fluid when the car was running and warm fluids came out from both drain and fill plugs.

Should I get a transmission fluid flush??

I called a shop that deals with BMWs and the guy said I'm not supposed to flush it only top it off and he's gonna check a bunch of stuff the gearbox or some other **** I don't know apperantly there's all kinds of of components to the tranny.

Then I called amco they said they can flush with CF or ZF fluid and change the filter and gasket.

Should I do it?????

Any input would be highly appreciated, I'm getting a new car (I'm Thorn between 528 or 535) but my wife will have this one so I want it to run good.

I'm concerned about amco I got an oil change at some big oil change place in Queens NY and they broke a piece of the centerpiece of the oil filter cap that little thing with the baby gasket, 2 months like that my valve cover started leaking and the crankcase vent was whistling.
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