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The #1 iPod integration kit on the market for BMW just got even better. If you have an iPod and enjoy music in the car - you MUST have this kit.

Connect your iPod to your car's factory sound system and hear what an iPod should sound like in the car, with some fantastic functionality. CD-quality sound and steering wheel controls without any need for messy adapters or FM transmitters. The DICE SILVERLINE iPod integration kit keeps your iPod integrated, charged and ready for use in or out of your car. The kit will also display information from your iPod on your car's Radio/Navigation display, allowing you to view Artist, Song Title and Album name while your hands are safe on the steering wheel or shifter.

A neat OEM-looking installation is easy with the sleek iPod docking cable, which is included, allowing flawless connectivity for all iPods with a dock connector - including all iPhone and iPod touch models.

The DICE SILVERLINE iPod integration kit connects directly to the factory cd changer or radio connector (depending on your configuration. The DICE SILVERLINE unit sends information between the iPod and head unit through an included cable, as if it were an original accessory from your car's manufacturer.

For complete product and ordering information, please visit this link:

DICE SilverLine iPod Integration Kit

New features of DICE *SILVERLINE* iPod Integration kit include:

- Directly integrated connection, without the need for FM transmitters or cassette adapters
- Full Text Display of titles, artists, and albums (for CD43 users only)
- Complete control of your iPod via the radio and steering wheel buttons
- Ability to browse by Song
- Ability to browse by Playlist
- Ability to browse by Albums
- Source Selector w/ Integrated auxiliary input
- Easy Album Selection
- Charging mode for iPods through supplied dock connector

Compatible with previous and current-model iPods:
The SILVERLINE is compatible with all iPods that utilize a dock connector, including the new Classic, 3rd Generation nano, iPod touch and all iPhone models.

Fitments for most cars including BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Scion, and many, many more!
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