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Hi Everyone
I spoke with Highline tuning and we decided that we need to do a huge "Introductory Sale" to build up product reviews and testimonials.

Thus, I have negotiated a $100 OFF Sale effective only for the 20 or so units we have on hand (haven't counted).

Those of you who paid $560 or $599, Please contact me for a partial refund and price adjustment to $499.

The premise behind this sale is that if we give you the $100 discount, we kindly ask that you post up a review either on our website or on the forum, and tell us what you think of the exhaust. Send in photos, etc. Thank you!

The Highline Tuning Axelback (2ft of piping included) exhaust is now available on our website for $499. To check it out, click the picture below:

You can also call our toll free number (see my signature) by clicking the "Click to Call" button. Our phones will be linked to the phone number you enter.

Thank you!
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