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Jet Black - Tint job. Told tint guys not to wash it after. figured they'd "swipe" dry instead of "pat" dry and im trying to minimize swirls.

They splattered some stuff in the process of putting on the tint, and I didnt have a chance to wash the car until 3 days later.

Those splatters did not come off. White spots seem to be etched in the paint now.

They said they only use water and johnsons baby shampoo. He said that is what is on the splatters.

I told him it did not come off. He said "It probably will on the second wash".


Is Johnsons bad for paint?



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Johnsons Baby Shampoo, is made for washing a babies head so its doubtful that it would harm a paint film surface.

From your previous post you're no going to want to hear this-use water and friction (that bad word 'rubbing' paintwork)this should break the shampoo film and remove the soap

As an aside you should look into using a 'foam gun', this will minimize the requirement to touch/rub the paint surface
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