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Good news!! MaXpeedingRods has launched a new program for you guys who have used MaXpeedingRods products, who haven't but are interested in experiencing our products.

The program starts today and ends on February 14th. There will be three lucky draws during this period.
Stage One: Jan. 13- Jan. 21
Stage Two: Jan. 23- Feb. 3
Stage Three: Feb. 4- Feb. 14

Prizes we prepared for you:
First Prize: Free product sponsorship
Second Prize: $100 cash or coupon
Third Prize: $50 cash or coupon
What's more, anyone who takes part in has the opportunity to win the Lucky Draw of 20$ in cash.

How to join us?
1. If you are a MaXpeedingRods user, comment under this topic on what products you've used.
2. If you haven't used our product but are interested in joining us, comment under this topic on what products you are interested in.

Tips for more chance to win:
1) The product picture or video in the thread
2) Mention MaXpeedingRods in the content
3) No less than 80 words or 10 minutes of the video in the thread
4) Active engagement of the thread (reply/share)

For more information, please pay attention to the update of this thread.
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