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joining the club... with a few questions

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...I picked up my new 330i on Friday. It's the most beautiful car I've ever owned:

- steel blue
- black leatherette
- titanium trim
- 5 speed
- bi-xenons
- heated seats
- moonroof

I second-guessed the steel blue a bunch of times when it was bobbing across the Atlantic, but when I saw it in the showroom, I stopped worrying. It's perfect.

We took it for a long drive that night... and on Saturday... and on Sunday. I think it's up to 200+ miles now. I'm being gentle with it during the break-in period, but it's clearly hell on wheels. I don't know how people who bought an M3 or beyond manage to keep their license.

OK, now the questions part:

(1) I'd read somewhere that it's good to do lots of engine braking... but I didn't see that in the manual. Is that a myth?

(2) Before I figured out the physics of getting myself into the car, I managed the scratch up the leatherette on the lower corner of the driver's door. Is there a good product for removing/diminishing scratches like that?

(3) Why did I drive my beater for so long before buying this car?

Thanks in advance.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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