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Jon, How About This for Heritage

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A friend and I attended a British Car Show last Saturday held at Fox Lake Park, Titusville, Fla. I drove the Bimmer and screwed up the Nav by not programming it properly, But being in friendly territory we found the park with no problem. What a pleasure to drive my 330ci, it is undescribable.

Here is the heritage part: The oldest cars there were a 1926 Rolls Royce and about the same year, Austin 7. The latter was a very small 4 wheeler. There were a few newer models of the Mini Cooper, and of course a new one also was in attendence. The RR engineering on engine controls including lubricating parts when starting up using crankcase oil were truly amazing. There was a tube leading from the case to the bottom of the steering box. Button on steering wheel evidently pumped oil to the various selected areas on first start up. I'm guessing some of this so if any old timers out there no exactly how it worked they can let us in on the procedures. I think starter and generator were in one housing. One of my friends was showing his old MG, a pre war model. Beautiful shape. He drove it up from Melbourne on I-95 with no problems with the exception the natural A/C was real warm Fla. air. I didn't have a camera with me, but will try to get more information on the 7. A 1936 3 wheel Morgan like new was shown. Just thought you all would be interested. Most of these pre WWII cars were driven to the show. Very few trailer queens.