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Jon Shafer, what ever happened to The BMW Center of Excellence award

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that BMW NA used to give got to the top centers? Just curious, I haven't seen it posted in the last year or two. Did they stop doing it?
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It's still around...

We didn't win it last year, so I don't want to talk about it...

Sorry, that bites! :mad:

I was interested in knowing if any of my surrounding centers won. Probably doubtful.
My guess would be that not enough centers (like, maybe 1 nationwide) qualified as even a 'center of good', let alone, 'center of excellence,' so bmwna quietly killed the program.

ha ha ha...

My dealer, BMW Northwest, get the award pretty regularly.
in_d_haus said:
My dealer, BMW Northwest, get the award pretty regularly.
My service department, Assael BMW, has won it 5 years in a row I think. The display that prominently in their showroom.

If you want to know which dealerships won Center of Excellence, you can either check BMWNA's website and go to their dealer locator, or if you live in a big metro area, just check which one of your dealership has a Mini dealership. I think Mini Dealerships are only awarded to Centers of Excellence.

However, Center of Excellence != Great Deals. I've found Assael tend to charge "market price" for their vehicles. They had 2 E46 M3s on the lot with a $15,000 mark-up the last time I was there. They were also practicing some of the more "unsavory" tactics such as "perma-plating" all the cars on their lot and charging close to $1,000 for it and $160 for floormats. At one time during the Z8 mark-up they had a Ti. Silver Z8 with red leather on the lot with a $300,000 tag. The best deal I got from them was MSRP for a 323Ci. They treat you well but charge A LOT.
Well, even if BMWNA doesn't award you the Center of Excellence, we know of your time and effort devoted to supporting BMW enthusiasts worldwide. I know of no other BMW Center that sponsors a bimmerfest and offers competitive internet pricing. Maybe the decision by BMWNA is politically influenced.

Also, what are the criteria? I have never seen them published. I think that it would be helpful if these were publicized. I wonder if a single dissatisfied customer could disqualify a Center?

John, we think that Cutter Motors is excellent! Even those of us who were unable to attend can experience the event vicariously through the postings, images, and artful QuickTime movie by Plaz! Way to go!
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