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JonM, need your opinion/advice...

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Hey, I was wondering if you read the main board here as well. If not I'll post this question to you in the Z board too.

Anyway, after two years of abuse from my overweight rear end, the seat bottom on my black leather has developed a 1/2 inch crack. It's very small and barely noticible, but I KNOW if I don't treat it right away it's going to get much worse. I was wondering if you know of people or procedures to fix small tears in leather? I'm not looking for a PERFECT repair, just something that will prevent the tear from getting worse, and be invisible to the naked eye from more than 3 feet away.

Or if any other board members have any suggestions I may try, you are more than welcome to help out...I'm sure others will appreciate the comments and I certainly will owe you a big one.
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